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Youth Friendly Employer Award

We really value our employers.  We want to show our appreciation and recognise you for the important part you play in helping us achieve our vision and helping our community.

Connect with us and become a Youth Friendly Employer


Taupō Pathways creates a variety of programmes for employers to showcase their sector and connect with the pipeline of future employees.
Are you interested in helping young people create their career path and raise the profile of your industry?

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You can become a Youth Friendly Employer by:


  • Mentoring a young person
  • Talk to a class/group of students
  • Participate in one of our programmes



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How can connecting with young people benefit your business?


  • Provides the opportunity to showcase & promote your sector
  • Young people are tech-savvy – they keep in touch with the latest trends – they may have useful suggestions about new ways to do things
  • Personal & professional development, particularly for your team members through mentoring
  • You contribute to making a more prepared workforce with the skills you require
  • Helps prepare young people for their future and builds a potential future talent base
  • Reduce recruitment costs
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How can connecting with you benefit young people?


They will gain knowledge & skills in:

  • What work environments are actually like
  • The wide range of jobs available in your industry
  • Employability skills & behaviours expected by employers
  • How their classroom learning is connected to the real world
  • The career paths required for your sector


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