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It can be difficult to do work experience with a lot of professional employers, often it’s just not something they can offer. The opportunity to talk to them and spend some time in their workplace though is hugely valuable and a great help for you to decide if it is the right choice for you and to learn more about what is involved.


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The Connections programme helps to: 


  • Build your career knowledge
  • Broaden your perspectives and develop aspirations
  • Connect you to a real workplace so you can experience and spend time in a profession. Spend time in and experience a real workplace
  • Learn more about the skills required and take part in activities wherever possible
  • Learn more about the steps required for your career pathway
  • Gain a greater understanding of employer expectations & workplace culture
  • Become more employable and better equipped for your future

Connections is an employer-led initiative that provides young people with opportunities to experience
the world of work first hand in a meaningful & inspiring way.

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Employers will provide information about what they are offering students and any of their requirements. 


  • It is likely to involve a day shadowing people in the business. 
  • The employer will organise activities for you to be a part of and provide insight into the roles of the workplace. 
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